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IT Worx

The triaing that our education team took from MIT was outstanding. The fact of taking the whole team out of office in a nice place, we have played games which have built a very high team spirit within the group. The refelction and discussions done after the games realted to our daily work, was done in a a very remarkable way. Here are some of the concepts we have exercised:

  • We need to pause and see how we can do things in the most efficient way
  • Building trust and respect within the group
  • Great ideas can come out even from people with limited authority
  • We have to listen to diffrent points of views

Medhat Karam 
Service Delivery Manager, Education

Simply it was an excellent way to stimulate thinking and take it to a new dimension!! Perception could be reality in marketing :) but not when we put it to test!!!  Knowing about something/someone is so different from knowing the thing/person.

Shahira Habib
Engagement Manager

International Resturants Group

We all walked away with a great experience, MIT have successfully integrated in the program all the points i wanted to cover (problem solving, team work, communication, critical thinking). The games and activities were very effective in bringing the people closer together. It will be a life time experience for all of us

Mark R. Khalife 
Managing Director

Egypt & Middle East Information Technology (EMEIT)

Teamwork, Leadership and Motivation are words that I experienced and practiced on the ropes course at MIT. It is a unique way to experience the skills that we are used to hear lectures and read books about.
Ahmed Adb El Maksoud
Projects Manager

The significance of planning and how to utilize different resources was very visible throughout our training day at MIT facility.
Hisham El Gawly
Sales Director
Foresight Consulting
"Our day with MIT at their impressive facility was most fruitful. They truly inspired us to tap into our full potential as a strong harmonious team and also assisted us in realizing our weak elements and consequentially act upon them. This event was a true opportunity to bring us out of the office together in unity and really enjoy ourselves. The 'plan', 'do', 'reflect', 'discuss', 'amend' and 'act' approach applied in the program provides a genuine reflection of real life team issues. They themselves are a unique team that poses as a show case for what a team should be like. We simply had the time of our lives. Thank you so much MIT for an outstanding day."
The Foresight Consulting Team
American University in Cairo – FYE Program

Excellent program! I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you MIT
Dr. Dina Rateb
School of Business and

I had so much fun. So much hard work, perseverance, team spirit, experiencing new adventures, trust and most of all friendships. Truly it was one of the most liberating and rewarding experiences for me.
Salma Medhat
Organising Committee Member

Really this training was one of the best trainings I’ve ever had; it’s so adventurous and that’s exactly what we are lacking in our lives. I simply loved it.
Hadir Marie
Organising Committee Member

Thank you for this wonderful time MIT. You have no idea how realistic it is, really relevant to everyday life.
Organising Committee Member