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Challenge Rope Courses

Ropes courses are experiential learning tools made of cables, ropes and wooden beams strung among poles. They involve tasks and events that encourage participants to step out of their comfort zones and into that slightly uncomfortable stretch zone where the greatest opportunities for learning, self-discovery and development lie.

Our ropes course is an exciting combination of low and high elements. It provides fun and adventurous physical and mental challenges that allow participants to grow both on the individual and team levels.

It offers participants an opportunity to explore, experience and enhance the dynamics of:

- Teamwork

- Trust

- Risk-taking

- Problem solving 

- Self-confidence 

- Leadership

- Creativity

- Communication

- Decision-making 

- Goal setting 

in a supportive and safe environment.

With the guidance and facilitation of our well experienced staff, our clients will learn, grow and bond in ways that are not possible in everyday situations.

High ropes course elements

Include wire bridges, climbing structures, zip lines and more that occur at a height of 10-15 meters above the ground. Participants use safety equipment such as harnesses, ropes and helmets to take part in the activities. The high ropes course events emphasize individual achievement through group support. They allow participants to:

- Have fun

- Discover personal hindrances and overcome fears 

- Challenge themselves and stretch beyond perceived limits 

- Take risks, both emotional and "apparent" physical ones 

- Improve self-confidence and self-image

- Accomplish self-established goals

- Experience the benefits of a supportive environment

The Low ropes course elements

Take place below 2 meters in height.They consist of activities and challenging obstacles that are designed tofoster team work and team development.

In the low ropes course events, teamsmust accomplish tasks and overcome challenges while maintaining responsibilitytowards all members. In other words, each member of the group shouldparticipate in overcoming and solving the challenges the group faces. Thisprovides participants with an opportunity to:

- Have Fun
- Develop creativity and imagination
- Build trust and value other team members
- Improve planning and problem-solving techniques
- Develop group connection and cohesion
- Enhance communication skills and strengthen cooperation
- Realize the importance of time management
- Discover and reinforce Leadership potentials