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Corporate Training
MIT came to birth after recognizing that human assets are the most important in any organization. The success of any project depends, not only on the technical experience and knowledge but also on the soft skills. There are hundreds of companies that provide training on teamwork…etc. Using the standard format of lecture and classroom. However, because we value quality in all our activities, we decided to use the most effective method of training "Experiential Training". We partnered with Signature Research, a leader in rope course construction and training and built and trained our staff to international standards. This is the only facility in the Middle East that carries out this type of training.
Our programs can fit various requirements:
  • Project Kick Off
  • Buying into Company/Department Vision
  • Generation of new Strategies/Ideas.
  • Channel Conflict-Appointing new Channels
  • Orientation of new Employees
  • Client Management
  • Vendor to Client Relation becoming a Partner Relation
  • New / Old Employees
  • Restructuring and Coping with Change
  • Inter-Company Conflict/Bottlenecks
  • Creating Company Loyalty
  • Decision-making / Planning habits
  • Project Management Efficiencies
  • Investing in Latest Training Techniques
  • Challenging/Empowering Employees to go Beyond their Limits
  • Creating a unified Culture of Support
Getting the BEST out of your employees !

MIT‘s Professional & Experienced Facilitators are Masters in setting up & implementing team building strategies that support your organization to attain your objectives, enhance your employees’ teamwork & leadership skills and build effective teams through fun & memorable communication games, which proved to be the most effective learning methodology.

Training Programs:

  • Team Building Training 

  • Leadership Management 

  • Customer Service

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